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The head of the Greek neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn in custody

October 4th, 2013 · Comments Off · 125 views


While four members of his right-wing party, Golden Dawn, were indicted Wednesday on charges of belonging to a "criminal organization", Nikos Michaloliakos, the head of Party, was taken into custody Thursday, October 3.

According to the Greek press agency ANA, the party leader of 56 years, put in custody, has been charged with "directing a criminal organization", after a long hearing conducted by a judge of Athens.

"Michaloliakos denied being a Nazi, a racist. Yet this man is nicknamed the 'Führer Greek' by the press, "said Alexia Kefalas, FRANCE 24 correspondent in Athens.

Nikos Michaloliakos, MP and a great admirer of Greek colonels dictators of the 1960s, was taken to court on Wednesday around 19:30 (1630 GMT). One hundred party activists chanted "blood, honor, Golden Dawn" and waved Greek flags on his arrival.

Complex instruction

A complex instruction waits for judges who must collect accurate to charge against the accused. A report of the Supreme Court related to three Golden Dawn attempted murder and numerous attacks primarily against migrants.

The Greek authorities continue their efforts on their part to dismantle the neo-Nazi party after the murder on September 18 of a fascist rapper Fyssas Pavlos, a member of the party in a suburb of Athens.

Wednesday, four members of the party were accused of belonging "in a criminal organization." Three of them have received parole, while the fourth, Yannis Lagos, was remanded in custody. Released three deputies, who deny the charges against them were barred from leaving the country.


The conditional release surprised observers, who had expected more on preventive detention of all parliamentarians, pending trial.

In total, six of the 18 members of the party were arrested last weekend in a broad crackdown of anti-terrorist police, including Nikos Michaloliakos and his deputy Christos Pappas which deposit on Thursday.

Golden Dawn, who surfs the severe economic crisis in Greece, came for the first time in Parliament in the elections of June 2012. After years of tolerance vis-à-vis the neo-Nazis, the government has promised to introduce in parliament a bill racist, xenophobic directly incriminates acts and Nazis.

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FRANCE: Proposed tax on wine: the empire of the vine against attack

October 1st, 2013 · Comments Off · 203 views


Hollande sipping a glass of white wine with a message calling for the "support the second largest producer activity in the country." With this picture, the French wine industry launched its assault against the proposed taxation of wine for health reasons, launched last May by the Senate.

This media campaign centered on the site " "has since been taken up by many media, such as the regional daily La Provence, which headlined in one, Sunday, Sept. 29," Who wants to French wines? ". …….

The Phantom Menace

The association "Wine & Society", which represents the players in the French wine world, has expressed satisfaction with the whirlwind start of his campaign, stating in FRANCE 24 have received more than 150,000 unique visitors since the launch on Thursday of the site detailing the "five proposed measures against the wine." 

Two days after the launch of the campaign, one of vinicides measures mentioned by the wine lobby - "the prohibition of talk about wine on the Internet" - disappeared as if by magic the report of the Interministerial Mission for the Fight against Drugs and Drug Addiction (MILDT), quoted by Vin & Company. A simple "cut and paste error" on the part of the drafters of the Mildt was the cause of misunderstanding, according to Le Figaro. On the third day of the offensive wine, the Agriculture Minister Stéphane Le Foll who intervened to remove "any idea of ​​a tax on wine in 2014."

This statement does not, however, enough to reassure stakeholders of the wine industry, where it is noted that the proposed tax on wine depends primarily on the Department of Health . "We remain committed, and we challenge Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault, to obtain arbitration under the auspices of Matignon. It is a cross-cutting issue that involves the Ministries of Health, Tourism, and Agriculture, "said Valerie Fuchs, Press Wine & Company.

Railing against the "radicalization health"

Integrated bill to fund social security, which will be discussed by Parliament in October 2013, proposed taxation of wine is in line with the so-called tax " , behavioral "- mandatory sampling believed to influence behavior considered at risk for public health. This is why the wine lobby has focused his campaign against the "radicalization of the health message," with a lot of images of Epinal, evoking an attachment to the land and heritage of a thousand places low taxation issues.

The association condemns the "stigma" of wine for health reasons with the timeless picture of a winemaker trained in his field in the message: "If I understand you correctly, in my family for three gen ; erations would produce something unhealthy? ". Another pin passing the compulsory display of alcohol in wine bottles units with the following project alarmist sentence: "When is the next step: Alcohol kills? The wine kills? written on the labels of your favorite "Raw.

To the health of Bercy

Message able to reach the general public, but may leave cold accountants Bercy, the latter being well aware of the very advantageous tax enjoyed the wine. In a letter dated 12 August 2013, the Minister of Economy Pierre Moscovici recalled that "still wine (not sparkling, ed) supports a tax of 2.7 cents per bottle 0.75 liter, the same amount of beer is subject to tax up to 27 cents, ten times more. " The same amount of alcohol at 40 ° attract nearly 5 euros tax.

The beginning of the debate on the draft law on the financing of social security, October 9, will determine if the wine lobby has managed to nip in the bud the ide e of taxing wine for health reasons.

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KENYA: Nairobi attack: Interpol puts the "white widow" on its Red List

September 27th, 2013 · Comments Off · 214 views


In a statement released Thursday, September 26, Interpol announced the issuance of a red notice against Samantha Lewthwaite, known as the "White Widow".

A decision following a request made by Kenya, which seeks Columbia 29 for explosives and conspiracy to commit a crime detention. These charges date back to December 2011.

The name of the "white widow" has recently reappeared in the attack a shopping center in Nairobi, but the Shebab, responsible for the assault, denied his involvement.

The Interpol Red Notice, broadcast to 190 countries, is a request for arrest for extradition. This is the "one of the most powerful tools to pursue international fugitives," according to the organization of police cooperation.

In its statement, Interpol also said that Samantha Lewthwaite is already wanted for possession of a South African passport which she obtained fraudulently.

One point on which the organization insists highlight the "invisible threat of terrorists and criminals who travel around the world with false passports."

Samantha Lewthwaite, a mother of three children, is on the run for about two years. Nicknamed by extremists "Dada Muzungu" white sister in Swahili, the "white widow" is cited in many terrorist cases since 2005. With dispatches.

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TECHNOLOGIES: "Welcome to augmented reality", FRANCE 24 has tested the Google Glass

September 24th, 2013 · Comments Off · 208 views


Object of fantasy since the announcement of their design, Google Glass were available Monday morning, in trial version. The first of which has benefited FRANCE 24. Because if Google developers the feature daily in the streets of New York and San Francisco for several months, Glass had forbidden to leave the U.S. territory before.

The finger and the eye

Before turning on the device, a first relief: the product is light - just over thirty grams - and stunts very moderate vision. Their port is comfortable, even in case of sudden movement, the glasses stay in place.

To turn on the Glass, just tilt the head back or tapping the right branch of the object, which has a touchpad.

The virtual screen that appears at the top right of Glass offers a variety of options: search, take a photo or video, look for a route, interact with networks social … Although still in development, the product of Google already has many possibilities.

The function is active photo, for example, using a single command: "Take a picture" ("Take a picture"). But it is also possible to capture what is happening before your eyes using a small button on the right arm of the spectacles. In both cases, even if the shooting is detectable, especially because it comes with a flash light, the device remains silent. Discretion certainly relative, but that does not arouse the concern of associations for the defense of privacy.

On track

Qualify Google Glass simple gadget for voyeuristic technophiles would be a mistake. The major innovation of the product is not based on the "Photo / Video" function, but on Google services already available on the Web. This is for example the case of route management, which is based on Google Maps. And the result is convincing.

The Glass, which connect to the Internet via WiFi or mobile smartphone network, are reactive and are the user on the map in an instant. The device can also be adapted to the movement of the wearer's head with amazing accuracy.

If this feature is as accurate as the one proposed on Android smartphones, Google Glass could become a perfect companion for backpackers output.

In English, please!

Google requires, glasses give access to the famous search engine. Again, the possibilities are endless. "Would I need my umbrella in Santiago tomorrow morning," for example, refers directly to the weather forecast for the Chilean capital.

To find out if the Toronto Maple Leafs played yesterday in the NHL championship, only seconds to Glass to confirm that Ontario hockey lost to the Buffalo Sabres and also specify that they will play tomorrow against the Canadian Montreal.

Note that on these models exclusively receptive to American English, non-English speakers are exposed to some trial and error search engine.

The screen is comfortable, the sound a little weak

Google Glass to provide a final set of features. It is possible, among other things, to call and send text messages without using your smartphone, but also to watch the news and watch videos.

The latter option is also particularly convincing. The virtual screen, although quite small, lets look at a report that the eye does not get tired, and the proposed definition is very correct.

The sound transmitted through bone conduction [sound instead of being transmitted by a listener as an air sound wave signal is converted into vibrations which spreads via the skull bone directly in the inner ear, Ed], is also very good quality, if somewhat low in a noisy environment.

An original web browsing

It is also possible to browse the Web, even if the device is less suited to this use a computer, tablet or smartphone. The "Google / Ok Glass /" command returns both directly on the mobile site FRANCE 24.

A sight that moves the head movements, you can click on the links on the site, and the tactile part of the right branch of Glass can "scroll" and zoom in on the text. Original but still less convenient than the old keyboard / mouse duo.

Note also that this touchpad enables more generally navigate through the different screens when the voice command is inactive. The control of this "touchpad" a bit quirky is essential to fully enjoy the Glass and requires little time to adapt.

Not without flaws

Although they are still under development, Google Glass is a major innovation, if only one is already a fan of the Google environment. They are far from being free of defects. Battery, particularly, takes about two hours of intensive use.

Holders of glasses have also reported having some difficulties of use, including the clarity of the screen. A concern on which Google announced work before the commercial launch, the date has not been set.

Finally, at this stage of their development, Google Glass occur more as a technology demonstration than a revolution for the user. Its many features are surprising and some are really practical. But with a retail price currently set at $ 1500 for developers, the object is clearly not for every budget.

The price of the avant-garde, no doubt, even if the U.S. Internet giant is expected to announce a rate significantly lowered by marketing its product.

But even with a more affordable price, the success of Google Glass will inevitably develop third-party applications to make it an indispensable part of everyday life. Google, which has understood already invites the Internet community to focus on her new baby.

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WEATHER: In Mexico, the balance of the storm rises to more than 160 dead and missing

September 21st, 2013 · Comments Off · 219 views


Tourists will finally be able to leave the resort in southern Mexico. The highway linking Acapulco with Mexico was partially reopened to traffic Friday, September 20, which will allow 25,000 people stranded last week by Hurricane Manual return.

"The movement takes on Mexico-Acapulco highway," said the Department of Transport on his Twitter account shortly before 24:00 local (17:00 GMT).

Outputs to Acapulco, where you could not escape from Sunday, September 15 by air, only buses and private cars are allowed for now. The department said that trucks carrying goods could be moved only from Friday night.

Earlier in the morning, the Director of the Department, Federico Dominguez said a hundred buses full of tourists were ready to go in the direction of the capital. About 15 000 tourists were evacuated by air these days

The storms that hit Mexico simultaneously on its Pacific coast and the Atlantic have already killed a hundred people, made more than 200,000 damaged s and 50,000 displaced. A helicopter of the federal police operating in the mountainous areas of South also missing since Thursday evening.

The most tragic event of this climatic disaster remains a deadly landslide occurred Monday in the mountain village of La Pintada, in the state of Guerrero (south) where there are 68 officially missing . 

Searches with pickaxes and shovels

Friday morning, more than 200 soldiers and dozens of members of the Civil Protection resumed research body under the mountain of mud that buried a large part of the village houses and church and e school.

Due to road conditions, no machine could be transported on site and rescuers must satisfy themselves with picks and shovels. It currently takes seven hours to walk to La Pintada.

The military report having found so far that two bodies, but the mayor of Atoyac de Alvarez, municipality which includes La Pintada, had reported Tuesday, 16 September, 15 dead.  

The tropical storm Manuel, who had reached on Thursday northwest coast of Mexico before turning into storm almost dissipated Friday, however, which show a heavy toll: three dead, 1600 people evacuated and about 100 000 victims, especially in the state of Sinaloa. The phenomenon currently remains in the neighboring state of Chihuahua, in the form of sustained with gusts of 65km / h winds.

According to the governor of Sinaloa, Mario Lopez, the new damage by Manuel amounted to 39 million dollars (29 million euros).

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INTERNET: Twitter and Facebook self-service hours in Iran

September 17th, 2013 · Comments Off · 252 views


For about twelve hours, the Iranians have believed it. In some cities, access to Twitter and Facebook could freely Monday, September 16. The first time since the end of the green revolution that had shaken the power of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in 2009. "I do not need to go through a VPN [system to surf anonymously on the Web to circumvent censorship, Ed] to connect to it," enthused, Monday, Sept. 16, a resident of Tehran contacted by the British newspaper "The Guardian".

A freedom that did not last long. On Tuesday morning, two social networks were blocked for Iranians again. The authority argued a "technical error", reports the agency's semi-official Mehr news to explain this sudden freedom of digital expression.

A return to "normal" that had to disappoint more than one in Iran. For many observers, the end of censorship of Twitter and Facebook have been the realization of the less rigorous speech of the new President Hassan Rohani, elected August 4, 2013. "His election has created a hope and all his campaign speeches suggest that it was in favor of openness on Internet access issues," recalls Reza Moini, head of office / Afghanistan Iran Reporters Without Borders (RSF). The new leader of Tehran, portrayed as a reformer, is not he, himself an avid user of the micro-blogging site where he posts dozens of messages English (and French) a day? Some, however, questioned the authenticity of this account after, including a tweet from 3 September in which he wanted a "Happy Rosh Hashanah [the Jewish New Year Day, Ed] to all Jews, including those of Iran. "



Still, Hassan Rohani, shortly before taking office as head of state, had told the Iranian popular youth magazine "Chelcheragh" as "the time of the digital revolution, it is impossible to govern or live in a state of digital "quarantine. A message for a wider access to the Internet that several ministers in the new government followed to the letter. Javad Zarif, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and has a verified Twitter account that regularly update and does not hesitate either to use Facebook to communicate . The same goes for Bijan Zanganeh, the oil minister, also active on Facebook.

Ordinary Iranians were able to believe, for a half day, they were housed in the same digital sign that their ministers. This is actually not the case and the only unknown that remains is to know the validity of the official version. "I do not believe in the theory of error, several Internet access providers can not simultaneously have the same problem," said Reza Moini .

More than a "technical error", Thomas Erdbrink, head of Tehran's "New York Times", leaning towards an "update" software censorship and Twitter Facebook. In this scenario, instead of a wind digital freedom, so apparently preparing Tehran, according to Reza Moini, to exercise more control & ldquo , effective on social networks. "

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AFRICAN STRUGGLE: The "Gods sand" into the arena of the Francophone Games

September 14th, 2013 · Comments Off · 208 views


Highly anticipated, wrestlers and African wrestlers made their opening match at the Francophone Games Thursday, September 12, at the Parc des Sports Charles Ehrmann. Spectators came in large numbers to explore this discipline, having been demonstrated at the second and fifth editions, is this time in the official program.

"This is something very important for us, said the micro FRANCE 24 Burkinabe Alfred Badi Zan (-120 kg). It has been put on traditional clothes, it was beautiful. "

Objective: To defeat his opponent

African wrestling, art ancestral fight is now a very popular sport in West Africa. It is competing strength, ingenuity and cunning to "crush" his opponent. "We must lead his opponent on three supports, two hands and one knee, both knees or hands," explains the referee Burkina Jeremiah Somdo. "We can also win by putting his opponent on the buttocks, on the head, on the side, the front or the back."

Meetings three times two minutes take place on a combat area of ​​nine meters in a sand arena. "The African struggle is very technical. It can go very fast, "warns Jeremiah Somdo. "The difference with wrestling is that there is no ground phase."

The fight, No. 1 sport in Senegal to football

"It takes a lot of strength. There are several techniques. If your opponent is stronger than you, you can use its own power to defeat ", says the giant Alfred Badi Zan. "In Burkina Faso, we do it in leisure. It is not our job as Senegalese wrestlers. They are internationally known and Yékini including Bombardier. "

Today, the African struggle is regarded as the number one sport in Senegal, to the football. Consequence sponsors, advertisers and sponsors have taken the phenomenon. So that the amount of the stamp, including a clash between Yékini Bombardier can reach the sum of 100 million CFA francs (150,000 euros) confides Alfred Badi Zan.

The Burkinabe have the opportunity to win the bronze medal with his compatriots in the small team final Saturday, September 14th against Chad. The inevitable Senegalese will compete for their first gold medal in the discipline against Niger.

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SYRIA: For HRW, the Syrian army is probably the origin of the chemical attack

September 10th, 2013 · Comments Off · 203 views


The Syrian army is probably the origin of the chemical weapons attack August 21 near Damascus, said Tuesday, Sept. 10 Human Rights Watch. This is the first time a non-governmental organization accuses the Syrian regime. So far only Western governments, including Washington and Paris, had openly accused Damascus. The advocacy organization Human Rights said in a 22-page report that credible evidence "strongly suggests" that it is the forces of President Bashar al-Assad launched the attack.

Human Rights Watch draws these conclusions from the analysis of eyewitness accounts of attacks on August 21, information on the likely source of the attacks, debris weapons used and symptoms presented by the victims. "Debris rockets and symptoms of victims of the attack of 21 August Ghouta is any credible evidence of the weapons used," thus said the director of emergencies at HRW, Peter Bouckaert. "The evidence strongly suggests that it is the Syrian government forces have launched these rockets carrying chemical weapons on the outskirts of Damascus this morning," he added ,. According to HRW, the type of rockets and launchers used in the attack are "only held and used" by the Syrian army.

Use of sarin gas

Sarin gas was also probably used, HRW added that states that two types of rockets appear to have been used - a 330 mm rocket equipped with a te , you can carry a large amount of liquid chemicals, and a smaller 140 mm rocket capable of carrying 2.2 pounds of sarin.

The United States asserts that more than 1400 people, including 400 children, have been victims of gas during the attack, causing threats of President Barack Obama's military strikes against the Syrian regime. Other sources report a lower number of victims but a high balance. Western countries and the Arab League condemned the attack and accused the Syrian regime that continues to deny the accusations.

HRW believes that this is the first major attack with chemical weapons since the gas attack by the Iraqi government against the Kurdish civilians in Halabja 25 years ago.

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DIPLOMACY: Intervention in Syria: John Kerry seeking European support for Vilnius

September 7th, 2013 · Comments Off · 205 views


In the aftermath of G20 in which the Syrian dossier broadly divided, the U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry began a whirlwind tour of Europe. Arrived Friday in Vilnius (Lithuania), John Kerry must maintain "informal" way Saturday, September 7th with 28 counterparts in the European Union.

In the plane carrying the head of American diplomacy in Vilnius, a State Department official said he expected to "specific and detailed discussions" , with European ministers pointing "divisions within the EU," while acknowledging the support of France and Denmark.

In the wake of these discussions, John Kerry will travel to Paris, where he will hold talks with French Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius, then in London before returning to E United States Monday. 

The European Union still skeptical

However, the lobbying by the U.S. administration remains suspended in the report of UN experts, who inspected the Damascus suburbs that had attacked with chemical weapons.

In most states of the European Union, this report is indeed an essential step independently confirm the charges toxic gas attacks on Washington and Paris which justify their intervention. Which probably would remove the reluctance of governments who are reluctant to engage on the basis of information from national intelligence services.

Given the reluctance of the international community, the French President Francois Hollande was, like his U.S. counterpart Barack Obama forced to delay. This must also apply to the Americans on Tuesday as the congressional vote, which he called the green light to intervene militarily in Syria, is expected in the middle of next week.

French President announced that he would wait for the UN report before eventually give the order to strike the regime in Damascus. "This may be an element of discretion to expand the coalition will be formed," he said.

Germany, whose skepticism about intervention is barely disguised, praised the approach of France. But Berlin has ruled out participation in any military action again.

Germany, however, could provide political support and join the group of eleven countries present at the G20, who wanted a "strong" reaction to punish the regime of Bashar al-Assad. Initialed by the United States, France, Australia, South Korea, Saudi Arabia and Italy, this call does not mention the military option, but "represent , feel the beginnings of a consensus "that" could well be politically useful when the decision strikes will be taken, "said a European diplomat.

The two sides meet their support

Outside Europe, the supporters and opponents of the strikes continue to seek the support. On Tuesday, Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Moallem will be in Moscow, ally of Damascus.

At the G20, Russian President Vladimir Putin assured the Moscow line was shared by several major countries, including China, India and Brazil.

Pending the report of the UN, "the Indians, Brazilians, Chinese and many others believe that the information from U.S. intelligence services are not sufficient," confirmed Friday Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt.

The report of the investigation by the UN experts, which must be published no later than two weeks should clarify the situation.  

However, the diplomatic negotiations will remain intense, particularly in France where Francois Hollande will meet with Lebanese President Michel Suleiman in Nice on Saturday. John Kerry will meet Sunday to share with leaders of the Arab League in Paris. With dispatches.

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ENERGY: Venezuela fails giant electricity in Caracas and several regions

September 4th, 2013 · Comments Off · 338 views


Much of Venezuela has been without electricity for several hours Tuesday, September 3, after a giant blackout that resulted in the capital, stopping metro, shops close and the formation of traffic jams.

These cuts have indeed disrupted the flow of several metro lines Caracas and caused the shutdown of several lights, generating a high traffic confusion in the already chaotic traditionally this urban area of ​​about 5 million.

The blackout was even interrupted the meeting of basketball between the Dominican Republic and Paraguay accounting for the Americas tournament, qualifying for the World Cup-2014. While there were only five minutes to go, the organizers have decided to declare the end of the match, after an hour and half wait in the dark.

The network outage, which began at 13:00 local time (17:30 GMT) in Caracas and other cities of the western states of the country, was being repaired at the end of In the afternoon, according to the government.

Nicolas Maduro condemned a "sabotage"

For Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, used to prompt accusations of conspiracy, it is a "sabotage" assigned to the right-wing opposition. "The extreme right" led "an electric shock against the country," he said on his Twitter account. At first, he called the failure of the "strange". He also announced that he had asked the armed forces to remain alert to the emergency.

The Minister of Electricity, Jesse Chacon, for his part felt that the failure was caused by ruptures, two major transmission lines that feed the West countries.

For two years, Venezuela has taken a series of measures to stabilize the electricity supply, faced with a growing demand. In 2010, the first South American producer of oil suffered for several months of an energy crisis attributed by the government to the drought that had drained reservoirs a hydro-electric dam, responsible for 73% of electricity production.

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