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FOOTBALL - FRANCE TEAM: Dams World-2014: Ukraine - France, up to the game!

November 17th, 2013 · Comments Off · 105 views


The France football team faces, Friday, Nov. 15, at the Olympic Stadium in Kiev Ukraine in a qualifying leg off for World Cup 2014. Nothing will be sealed after the first inning, but the Blues would be well advised to get a good result in the Ukrainian capital, to avoid cold sweats Tuesday, November 19 Stade de France, in the second leg.

"It will take a lot of commitment. There is no room for doubt, uncertainty or question, "said the French coach Didier Deschamps told reporters. "We'll play there [in Ukraine, Ed], with the intention of making the best possible result. We will not go there to defend well, with a restrictive spirit, "said he added, ensuring that his team should have the ambition" to create chances and score. " ,

All ingredients that had failed in the France team There are four years against Ireland during the 2010 World Cup dams. Beaten 1-0 in the first leg in Dublin, Ireland had led to the Stade de France, in front of the Blues, as stunned and saved by the goal after William Gallas the famous hand of Thierry Henry. The last memory of dams therefore urges caution.

The unbeaten France against Ukraine

Otherwise also be feared that Portugal, another play-offs that France could face, Ukraine, unbeaten in 11 games, but never managed to dominate France seven face-to-face, is a strong opponent. Ukrainians have finished second in their group behind England, cashing only four goals in ten matches, without a slump when his coach has changed, it may already have got his ticket to Brazil.

Composed almost entirely of local players, Ukraine will the Blues will have a rough opposition and, at the forefront on two clearly identified hazards, and Andrei Larmolenko Yehven Konoplyanka. If the Blues are able to neutralize these two players, a big step towards Brazil will be done. He will force the defense to lock, and for this, France relies primarily on Franck Ribery, in search of his first Ballon d'Or.

"This is a very important player," he told Didier Deschamps. "One of the best players in the world, if not the best this year," added Blaise Matuidi, who said that the two play-off were the most important of the Sixties e, because "at the end, there is Brazil."

But beyond the prospect of playing World Cup football in the country-king, the French football mauled by multiple business in recent years [Knysna, Zahia, quotas, trip Prospects, Nasri Evra …] has a deplorable to restore to the public picture. Didier Deschamps has understood: Only victories can reverse this trend. And two years of Euro-2016, held in France, the absence of the next final phase, which would be a first for the Blues since the World-94, definitely plunge the Federation French football in a deep crisis.

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AMERICAN MUNICIPAL: Education and safety: what is expected New Yorkers their future mayor

November 7th, 2013 · Comments Off · 111 views


Democrat Bill de Blasio won, Tuesday, November 5, a very comfortable victory in local New York, who opposed the Republican Joe Lhota. Leftist popular, elected mayor of the most populous city in the United States will he be able to meet the expectations of voters seeking change?

After making a slow start in the race to succeed Michael Bloomberg, a former ombudsman, whose mission was to make the link between the mayor and the New Yorker, came to , win the trust of a population covering a wide range of social groups. 

Brooklyn resident and father of a family in which many New Yorkers can relate to (his wife Chirlane McCray is an African-American, and his two children are enrolled in e , public school, yet uncrowded elites), Bill de Blasio seems more in line with its future administration than were its predecessors, the billionaire Bloomberg and, before him, the Conservative Rudy Guiliani. Will easily win against Joe Lhota including any security discourse has failed to seduce the electorate.

Increase taxes for the rich

Democratic left wing, called "relaxed" De Blasio did not hesitate, in his campaign to break a "tax taboo." He promised take a half-point tax rich to fund an education program for children of the working classes. "Allow all children to receive a better grade is an exceptional measure of common sense," said FRANCE 24 Anne Lipke (see slideshow at the bottom of the page), Professor of History retired selling homemade cakes to the library of Park Slope, a bohemian neighborhood of Brooklyn. "De Blasio often walks in the neighborhood, she relates. Just now, I saw him go to the gym, you just miss it. "

This is the affable proximity to many, has the future elected official to curry favor with voters five "boroughs" [districts], which make New York. Even in very affluent neighborhoods in Manhattan, some 30 minutes drive from Park Slope, Democrat raises some enthusiasm. Jamie Heim, a retiree's chic Upper East Side, whose husband, Mike, yet Judge De Blasio "too liberal" for his taste, is eager to see the mayor elected to office on January 1. "I love the openness and determination, says the New Yorker 68 years. Raising taxes is difficult to apply in this country far, but I feel it will succeed even if it is only 0.5%. It would in any case a great step forward for child education. "

On Wall Street, the famous business district of Manhattan, Derek Milton, construction worker 42 years working on reconstruction projects of the World Trade Center, says De Blasio is, among all mayors the city has ever known, one who has the most down to earth. "I think it will make a difference, he says. Especially among vulnerable workers like us who have been abandoned by Bloomberg. "

Crime "as the New York of the 1960s"

Derek's colleagues are less optimistic. The majority of them sees De Blasio a "buddy Bloomberg," who made false promises in order to get elected. More virulent, Tom Monahan, 53, described the mayor of "terrifying communist", the policy may lead to an increase in crime. "He will bring this city than it was in the 1960s," he prophesied.

In fact, the security program, defended by De Blasio, who is the most divisive. Staunch opponent of "Stop and Frisk" ["stop and search"], a measure allowing the forces of New York order to search any person acting in a suspicious manner, the former mediator the city has repeatedly called for a "real" reform of policing, but to define the actual contours.

Even among his constituents, many fear that its decisions in this area do not cause an increase in the crime rate. However, it has nevertheless been declining since the introduction of "zero tolerance" under the mandate of Republican Rudy Giuliani [1994-2001]. "The anchor is left as he can be lax in terms of fight against insecurity, fear Jamie Heim. Me neither, I do not like the controls facies but our city is safer today. I hope he will manage to find a happy medium. "

"Brooklyn is a 'borough' extensive and restless, watching Ray, a music producer, 24, who prefers to conceal his name. In the 1970s and 1980s, it was a place out of control. And we do not want it to again become. "

Real Estate: good riddance Mr. Bloomberg?

If it has become safer for New Yorkers to walk around the streets of the city, stay there is, however, more difficult. Blame Michael Bloomberg, according to his detractors, who accuse him of having sold the city for the wealthy [New York is the city with the most billionaires in the world]. "The real estate market has become terrible laments Momo Ho, a psychotherapist of 27 years who lives in Harlem, northern Manhattan. In New York, there are a lot of apartments belonging to rich people, who are not even inhabited. "

Elected on the promise of "change," De Blasio may follow, according Momo Ho, the same path that other famous Democrat who, in his time, usa the same slogan. "This will be like the election of President Barack Obama: everyone thought that things would change, but it was never really the case. I'm not very optimistic. "

But no one could be more skeptical than the strongest supporters of the outgoing mayor, who allegedly saw re-enlist for a fourth term, if the law had allowed it. "This is a very sad day, laments Carol Liu, a resident of Chinatown. Guiliani had changed many things, but Bloomberg has gone even further. It was a great mayor. They should remove the term limits, and let it represent. "

Others, however, welcomed his departure. To Ramona LACEN, a union activist who distributed leaflets in favor of Bill de Blasio during the campaign, Michael Bloomberg has always rejected the union discussions. "De Blasio is someone who will work with us, not against us," she hopes. He added: "Bloomberg has transformed New York in 'Bloomberg city'. 's Eve New Year's Day [which marks the end of the mandate of the outgoing mayor], I will give a party as we have ever seen. We will invade Central Park. This year we have so much to celebrate. "

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ECONOMY: China's Dongfeng group could take 30% stake in PSA

October 12th, 2013 · Comments Off · 170 views


PSA Peugeot Citroën is preparing a capital increase of three billion euros that would see the French state and the Chinese Dongfeng each take a substantial stake in the automaker, does on Friday sources close the file.

According to the sources, who requested anonymity, a delegation from PSA, representatives of the French government and bankers is traveling to China to prepare a memorandum of understanding that could be signed within weeks.

The project, PSA would wrap by the end of the year, provided that the French State and Dongfeng Motors each contribute about 1.5 billion euros, which would give them both a 20 to 30% in the French automaker. 

According to sources, the Peugeot family leave the passage to dilute its stake again, and give up control of the company she founded two centuries earlier.

The injection of money would be accompanied by a widening of the current joint venture between Dongfeng PSA and other technologies of the French group and other markets in Asia while the JV is currently focused on China, they added.

"PSA confirms study of new industrial and commercial development with partners and funding arrangements that accompany", simply said a spokesman for the group. "None of these projects are mature at this stage."

The Ministry of Economy and Finance has refused to comment. Dongfeng and GM could not be reached immediately for comment.

To a dilution of Peugeot and GM

PSA found himself in serious financial trouble in late 2011 due to its high exposure to the European market at half mast. It launched in 2012 a comprehensive social plan France to reduce costs and adjust its production capacity, and in its stem bleeding cash by the end of 2014.

But on a ultra competitive market, the issue of financing development in the longer term, particularly internationally, remains. Financial difficulties, which resulted last year by a record loss of five billion, have already led to the suspension several industrial projects and R & D.

The capital increase, which represent nearly 70% of the current market capitalization of PSA (4.4 billion euros at the end of Friday) would inevitably lead to a new dilution of the Peugeot family, the main shareholder in the group with 25.4% of the capital.

According to sources, the operation would take part in the form of an issue of new shares that the Peugeot family yield to the French State. The other part would be raised through a capital increase reserved.

Peugeot have already left dilute their participation in the capital increase of one billion euros held in March 2012 as part of the alliance with General Motors. Prior to this transaction, which saw GM enter the capital in the amount of 7%, the participation of the family was 30.96%.

In late June, sources familiar with the matter had told Reuters that the family was now ready to cede control of the group, and to fall below 33% in If new capital increase. They had also said that PSA sought to convince General Motors to strengthen its alliance, but while holding exploratory talks with Dongfeng for a stake of 30%. According to these sources, the discussions were not so successful.

Friday, the sources said that GM would probably leave too dilute in the new capital increase looming.

The current association with the Chinese manufacturer Dongfeng public, called CAPD, is the oldest of the two joint ventures in China PSA. Strengthened in 2010, it has three assembly plants based in Wuhan. The first two show a capacity of 450,000 cars per year, while the third, which opened this summer, will have an initial capacity of 150,000 cars a full year, then After 300,000 cars.

China spearhead the internationalization strategy forced march PSA is now the biggest car market in the group ahead of France. The manufacturer aims 557,000 sales in 2013, an increase of 26% compared to 2012. In the meantime, PSA expects a decline of about 5% of the European car market.


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RUSSIA: The Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014 will be under intensive digital spy

October 7th, 2013 · Comments Off · 119 views


Prism program under steroid for Sochi Olympics. Thus the British newspaper "The Guardian" describes the monitoring system communications established by the Russian authorities in the seaside resort on the Black Sea that will host the Winter Olympics 2014, in an article published Sunday, October 6.

According to documents obtained by Russian journalists, the Russian Federal Intelligence Agency (FSB) has obtained the installation of equipment in Sochi facilitate the interception of telephone communications and given , Internet're passing through local networks. 

Gay rights activists under surveillance

In examining the tenders to companies Russian telecommunications, Andrei Soldatov and Irina Borogan reporters found that "fundamental changes were made to the telecommunication networks , voice and wifi "to allow filtering of any communication by Sorm program. This would allow large ears Moscow filter traffic by keywords in all emails, instant messaging and other data exchanged on social networks passing through the Russian infrastructure.

The British newspaper suggests that the improvement of interception systems would not be driven solely by the terrorist risk. Recalling the controversy over the recent law banning "homosexual propaganda", "The Guardian" believes that the authorities will be tempted to use this spy program to kill in the oelig & , uf any attempt to organize demonstrations in favor of rights for gays.

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The United States a few hours of default

October 16th, 2013 · Comments Off · 121 views


For the first time in its history, the United States, the first world power approaching a danger zone: the default. Wednesday, October 16th at midnight (0400 GMT Thursday), the Treasury will no longer be allowed to borrow, and can no longer rely on dwindling reserves.

Then, a hard to determine, but may be between 22 and 31 October, according to the Congressional Budget Office date, the United States can not meet all their payments. Such a crisis of confidence might jeopardize the fate of the dollar, the global reserve currency, and that of Treasury bills, considered the safest investment in the world.

To prevent this scenario from happening, both houses of Congress must vote on raising the debt ceiling. An agreement appears imminent. "We are moving very well. We're not there yet, but we are very close" to an agreement, said Democratic Senator Charles Schumer. "We need markets are reassured that what is happening here tonight."

In August 2011, a similar situation had finally resulted in a political agreement, sealed two days before the deadline, and finally adopted by Congress just a few hours of the deadline.

Republicans poised to give

Still, Tuesday night, after a chaotic day reflecting the deep partisan divisions in Washington, Republicans dominating the House of Representatives, gave up organizing the vote for , raise the debt ceiling, and to end the paralysis of the federal government, without the support of influential elected from the ultra-conservative movement, Tea Party. 

The Senate side, the leader of the Democratic majority over, Harry Reid, and that of the Republican minority, Mitch McConnell, made immediately aware that they were working an alternative.

The question now is whether, if the result of these discussions, which began during the weekend and hung a time Tuesday, Wednesday will be endorsed by the President of the House, the re publican John Boehner and his troops.

The Representative Charlie Dent, John Boehner should not put up any resistance, and agree to submit to the vote of the House while the Senate compromise, despite the opposition of some of his majority. He will have to rely partly on Democrats voice.

"I think John Boehner will be in a position where it will have to adopt the negotiated text" in the Senate, said Charlie Dent on CNN. "I think the House will vote first, and send it to the Senate." For procedural reasons, it is faster than the House vote first, and John Boehner might just decide to vote on the draft prepared by the Senate negotiators.

According to this procedure, which has not been officially confirmed, the Senate would then adopt the text before promulgation by President Obama.

Concessions on health reform

John Boehner, caught between its stated desire not to let a default happen, and the pressure of the Tea Party hostile to compromise, has so far refused to hold a consultation without the support General majority. The proposed settlement marks a major defeat for the strategy, it has so far pursued.

The plan Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell include, according to several U.S. media, a measure allowing the Treasury to continue borrowing until February 7, and the Federal State ; General to reopen fully until January 15. In exchange, Democrats would offer concessions on certain aspects of the reform of the health system, triggering the current crisis element, in particular by giving a tax on insurance companies.

Lack of agreement on the federal budget for the new fiscal year, U.S. government agencies idle since October 1. Hundreds of thousands of officials have been forced to leave, without pay, gradually paralyzing large parts of the activity.

With news

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ABORTION: Spain: three FEMEN to invite the Assembly to defend the right to abortion

October 10th, 2013 · Comments Off · 143 views


From the balcony of the Spanish National Assembly, they shouted their opposition to the proposed reform of abortion discussed on Wednesday, October 9. Clinging to the railing, three Spanish FEMEN disrupted for a few minutes the parliamentary session under the eyes half-offended half interrogators members present.

Bare breasts and fist, the three young women cut to the Conservative Minister of Justice, Alberto Ruiz-Gallardon, spearheaded a project to reform the abortion. "Abortion is sacred", have they chanted while the stewards struggled to reach to expel. Among them was Lara Alcazar, the current leader of the Spanish Femen who claimed this action on the Twitter account of the organization.

The reason for their anger: the project to the Minister of Justice who wants to return to the current abortion law, which came into force in 2010 under the socialist government of Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero - which allows the abortion freely until the fourteenth week of gestation.

Gallardon but do not want to stop there. The Minister of Justice defends indeed the idea to re-criminalize abortion, even in the most tragic cases, such as fetal malformation. "Disability does not lead to unequal treatment and a reduction of rights. However, this non-discrimination should also apply to developed and unborn, "he told the press on April 28.

Back to Franco's age

This new law is even more restrictive than that of 1985 - that decriminalization of abortion - and that allowed abortions in cases of fetal malformations or rape. This is a return to Franco's age, "at a time when women had no rights over their bodies," was concerned the Socialist Carmen Martinez Ten .

For many feminist groups, this rollback advocated by Gallardon is all the more surprising that target a debate that seemed buried. Even within the Popular Party (right), there is concern that reactionary turnaround.

While Alberto Ruiz-Gallardon satisfied the Church and the most radical fringe Catholic, estimated at about 10% of the population. But no more. Spain, on the contrary, seems to have accepted the law of 2010. According to a survey published in April in the newspaper El Pais, 75% of Spaniards believe that women have the right to decide whether to continue the pregnancy.

If new legislation would see the day, Spain ascend the podium countries of the European Union (EU) the most restrictive laws on abortion. Today, only Ireland and Malta prohibit abortion for fetal malformation.

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SAUDI ARABIA: Women Driving: Saudi women want to drive toward emancipation

October 26th, 2013 · Comments Off · 167 views


"Driving is a choice." Behind this lies a banal slogan fight is far from it: the Saudi militant million for the right to drive. The women are so called Wahhabi kingdom, Saturday, Oct. 26, to drive to challenge the political and religious authorities of the country in the world where they are deprived of this right.

"On October 26, the women in Saudi Arabia say they are determined (…) and that this issue must be resolved," he told AFP Manal Al Sharif icon Women movement to drive for two years now. On 17 May 2011, the Saudi 32 years, computer consultant, was posting a YouTube video of her driving a car. This weapon is earned him taste the Saudi jails for nine days and revive an old fight over 20 years.

It all began in November 1990, during the war in the Gulf. While women of the U.S. military lead on military bases in the kingdom, 47 Saudi decided to organize a convoy through the streets of Riyadh, said CNN. Immediately arrested, some even lose their job. In a country steeped in patriarchal and religious traditions, Islam is then waved to give a societal taboo law. In 1991, the Grand Mufti of the Kingdom and issues a fatwa prohibiting women from driving. The reason? Leave them alone in vehicles must lead to the "diversity" and thus the "social chaos."

"The fact that a woman driving a car is a source of many evils and unfortunate consequences. This leads in particular to meet men when they are not on their guard. This encourages them to commit grave sins, because where such activity is prohibited, "asserted while Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Abdullah bin Baz, the Washington Post reports. Following the recommendations of the highest religious authority, Prince Naif bin Abdulaziz Al Saud al-then Minister of the Interior issues a decree endorsing the fatwa. Women's driving becomes illegal.

A promising mobilization

On the eve of the operation "driving is a choice," the mobilization is already waiting for you. "More than 50 videos showing women being drive" have been uploaded since the launch of the campaign on social networks, said Manal Al Sharif, who now lives in Dubai ,. An online petition launched in early September collected 16,000 signatures before being blocked two weeks later, said the Middle East Online website.

Saturday, October 26, no parade of women driving is expected, the law banning any gathering. Each activist who received the precious abroad is invited to drive individually and post photos and videos on social networks.

Faced with the unprecedented media coverage of the movement, the Saudi authorities have pointed out that any woman apprehended Saturday, October 26, at the wheel of a car would be punished. Upstream, the Interior Ministry has already begun undermining trying to discourage some women to mobilize. Contacted by France 24 Observers, Hala Al Dosari, a resident of Jeddah, reports that several of his relatives, who were directly contacted by the department have expressed their intention to abandon their action.

Tuesday, hundreds of religious had also responded by gathering in front of the royal palace in Jeddah. Last month, the Conservative Sheikh Saleh al-Luhaydan protested by advancing either religious arguments, but pseudo-medical. "The conduct automatically affects the ovaries and pelvis back, he has advanced the site. This is why children born to women who drive regularly suffer from physical disorders to varying degrees. "

A first step to extract more rights

Given the hypocrisy of Saudi society, thirty three female members of the influential Advisory Council Majlis al-Shura, named in January by King Abdullah, decided to act. Dr. Al-Shalan Latifah, Dr. Haya Al-Manee and Dr. Mona Al-Mushait thus filed an appeal on 10 October to lift the de facto ban on women driving, recalls the USA Today website.

This recommendation does lead one day to a royal decree? This is the wish of Saudi who believe that only the king can reform society. "The king said that this is the company to decide. But this is impossible, the religious will never agree. It is for him to decide because it is a political issue, "the indignant blogger Tamador Al Yami on the site" Madame Le Figaro ".

But the Wahhabi kingdom, women's rights have always aroused great controversy. In the 1960s, the opening of the first girls' schools had raised such a storm of protest, including radical clerics that King Saud had to send the army to the protected. Although some argue that "society is not ready", Saudi Arabia carries shy but many advances in recent years. In 2009, King Abdullah has opened the first coeducational university, the University of Science and Technology. In September 2011, the king granted them the right to vote and representation in the municipal elections of 2015. And in recent months, domestic violence is now prohibited by law. Small steps to some, but not for such a giant conservative regime.

Obtain the right to drive, the first step towards the emancipation? Manal Al-Sharif believes hard as iron. Saudi women dream of "a more important right", that "to be considered major" and no longer depend on the permission of a male guardian - father, brother or husband - to travel, work or even get married. A long struggle which should nevertheless lead. Saudi Arabia signed the UN convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women. Sooner or later, it will ratify.

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The head of the Greek neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn in custody

October 4th, 2013 · Comments Off · 122 views


While four members of his right-wing party, Golden Dawn, were indicted Wednesday on charges of belonging to a "criminal organization", Nikos Michaloliakos, the head of Party, was taken into custody Thursday, October 3.

According to the Greek press agency ANA, the party leader of 56 years, put in custody, has been charged with "directing a criminal organization", after a long hearing conducted by a judge of Athens.

"Michaloliakos denied being a Nazi, a racist. Yet this man is nicknamed the 'Führer Greek' by the press, "said Alexia Kefalas, FRANCE 24 correspondent in Athens.

Nikos Michaloliakos, MP and a great admirer of Greek colonels dictators of the 1960s, was taken to court on Wednesday around 19:30 (1630 GMT). One hundred party activists chanted "blood, honor, Golden Dawn" and waved Greek flags on his arrival.

Complex instruction

A complex instruction waits for judges who must collect accurate to charge against the accused. A report of the Supreme Court related to three Golden Dawn attempted murder and numerous attacks primarily against migrants.

The Greek authorities continue their efforts on their part to dismantle the neo-Nazi party after the murder on September 18 of a fascist rapper Fyssas Pavlos, a member of the party in a suburb of Athens.

Wednesday, four members of the party were accused of belonging "in a criminal organization." Three of them have received parole, while the fourth, Yannis Lagos, was remanded in custody. Released three deputies, who deny the charges against them were barred from leaving the country.


The conditional release surprised observers, who had expected more on preventive detention of all parliamentarians, pending trial.

In total, six of the 18 members of the party were arrested last weekend in a broad crackdown of anti-terrorist police, including Nikos Michaloliakos and his deputy Christos Pappas which deposit on Thursday.

Golden Dawn, who surfs the severe economic crisis in Greece, came for the first time in Parliament in the elections of June 2012. After years of tolerance vis-à-vis the neo-Nazis, the government has promised to introduce in parliament a bill racist, xenophobic directly incriminates acts and Nazis.

With news

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CHAMPIONS LEAGUE: Champions League: Om new defeat against Napoli (1-2)

October 23rd, 2013 · Comments Off · 108 views


Marseille suffered their third defeat in as many matches in the Champions League this season. Om leans on his lawn against Napoli 2-1 (André Ayew for OM, Callejon and Zapata Naples). Now needs a miracle for OM, which remains at zero, and dead last, qualifies for the 8th finals. Especially as the future darkens to Marseille and the crisis brewing after this fourth consecutive defeat in all competitions.

Relive the match Marseille - Naples on your mobile or tablet by clicking here.

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JUSTICE: Trial of Tanit: Somali pirates soon their fate

October 19th, 2013 · Comments Off · 202 views


The verdict is expected later in the day. The public prosecutor requested Friday "ten to twelve years' imprisonment for three Somalis accused of taking hostage the occupants of the sailboat Tanit, off Somalia in 2009 . The Advocate General Brigitte Ernoult Cabot therefore did not differentiate the responsibilities required of the accused. They always incur perpetuity.

All three appearing since Monday for "misuse ship by force or threat, arrest, kidnapping and arbitrary detention of several people, committed by an organized gang."

On 4 April 2009, three Somali pirates attacked the boat of 12 meters, which was cruising at over 900 km from the Somali coast, with on board Florent Lemaçon, Chloe and son Colin, three and a half years and two teammates. Six days later, the French commandos tried to free the hostages. An operation that resulted in the death of two pirate leaders and French skipper.

The regrets of the accused

Four years after the tragedy, this week's trial before the Assize Court of Ile-et-Vilaine has helped to identify the personality of the accused. Mohamed Mahamoud Abdelkader Osman Ali Abdi Mohamed Mahamoud, aged 26-31 years, are presented as "performers" of the hostages on 4 April 2009. Young unemployed, hungry, who have yielded to the temptation of an easier life with this piracy, which was "like robbing a bank," according to a them.

"I never wanted to cause someone's death, I would have preferred to die myself," assured Mohamed. The three defendants have explained - in a context of difficult translations throughout the trial - have been trapped by the recruiter and leader of the pirates They felt "indebted". to this man, after the latter had offered food, khat [drug, Ed] or clothing. The suspect has not been extradited.

However, "the misery does not justify everything," noted Wednesday, October 15 the former defense minister, Herve Morin, like other witnesses at this hearing.

"The work of a true feeling justice has been done"

But PROCESA also had the merit to provide answers to the victims and their families. "My clients come in this place no confidence in the justice of their country," but "they leave with a real sense a work of justice has been done," said , Friday, at oral argument, counsel for the plaintiffs, Mr. Arnaud Colon Franciosi. He said that his client had not come to trial not "revenge" against three pirates, but "for the responsibilities of each other are de shown. "

Military officials called to testify have confirmed that the death of Florent Lemaçon was indeed due to a French bullet, and they knew from the end of 'commando operation on 10 April 2010.

"At no time, they [my clients, Ed] have questioned the army," said Mr. Arnaud Colon Franciosi, recalling that "personally, many military expressed and many of compassion "for the victims and help" on a human level. " 

But "the leaders of the French government had decided to give a lesson to the pirates ashore leaders," he added. "Florent Lemaçon died for me, for reasons of state. We hope that this operation is a very strong signal to the Somalis, the hostages are relegated to the plan, "he said.

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