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VIDEO GAMES: Criminal Case: Facebook Love Made in France

December 11th, 2013 · No Comments · 301 views


Arnaud Montebourg, the Minister of Productive Recovery champion and made in France, to be content: Facebook awarded, Monday, 9 December, the price of the best game in Criminal Case, produced by Pretty Simple, a Parisian studio of 50 people. He is ahead of industry heavyweights like "Candy Crush".

It is "the French start-up that the fastest growth in the history of France Web" ignites Codorniou Julien, director of Facebook Europe, in a statement. An affirmation that makes you smile Corentin Raux, co-founder of the French video game available in nine languages: "It is certain that when you go from zero to tens of millions of euros of operating profits, it displays impressive growth, now he'll have to see how things will evolve. "

The prize awarded by Facebook should have a little more boost the popularity of Criminal Case that displays, however, already impressive performance. Hundred million Facebook users have tested the last twelve months, their skills sleuths virtual. Daily, nearly 6 million players - mainly outside France - looking to find the murderer of the week.

This popularity, Pretty Simple mainly due to the originality of the Criminal Case. "The police investigation is a subject that had not yet been addressed in the games on Facebook as it is a theme that speaks to many people, so we touch a wide audience, "said Corentin Raux.

100 hires 2015

Like most Facebook games, Criminal Case has the appearance of free game, but is not quite. Users can buy bonuses - such as faster autopsies - to simplify the investigation. This model of micro-transactions has made the fortune of industry leaders such as Zynga (FarmVille, Mafia Story etc.). Pretty Simple is so profitable since 2011, one year after its creation.

A great performance for a French start-up. At a time when the hex entrepreneurs of all kinds - grouped in collectives such as the Pigeons (or Geonpi) chicks or shorn - denounce the tax burden and more generally a model French economic trolling, Corentin Raux sees him, no particular problem to succeed in France. "If we really want to take, you can perfectly manage to do it in France," he says.

Better. For him, the French model even has serious advantages over its Anglo-Saxon competitors. "With Bastien Cazenave [the other co-founder of Pretty Simple, note] we were able to put us out of work for several months to mount our society, it would have been difficult in countries such as United States, "says the entrepreneur who is the counterparty hexagonal tape.

Jackpot their first game allow Pretty Simple to hire new employees percent by 2015 in order to develop two new titles and make versions for smartphones and tablets Criminal Case.

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