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The Italian Senate hunting Silvio Berlusconi its ranks

November 27th, 2013 · No Comments · 249 views


Not surprisingly, the Italian Senate voted Wednesday, November 27, the removal of the former Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi. This vote, whose outcome was little doubt as to the left and the Movement five stars of the former comedian Beppe Grillo had announced that they unite their voices, follows the conviction finitive in August of "Cavaliere" for tax evasion.

This foreclosure is the result of a law passed in 2012 providing for disqualification for six years all elected sentenced to more than two years (the " Cavaliere "was sentenced to four years, three canceled by an amnesty). Voting ends twenty years of political activity This is a bitter day, a day of mourning, "said Silvio Berlusconi, hand on heart, leaving greet Thousands of supporters gathered to support him at his Roman residence in Rome, shortly before the vote. "Today, looking into your eyes, I see that emotion is not only mine but yours," he has dajouté, thanking them. The sentence was pronounced in the absence of "Cavaliere" which had initially announced that he would be present in the Chamber and that it would set a "historic speech". But his lawyers have discouraged to go there to avoid adding insult to an even more humiliating expulsion forcibly picture. Indeed, in his presence, the President of the Senate would have imposed the following sentence: "I pray clerks accompany Senator Berlusconi out of the Chamber. No immediate impact on the current government, leaving the Senate Berlusconi, 77, puts an end to twenty years of political activity. What about the future of judicial Cavaliere? Stripped of his parliamentary immunity, he could be arrested in connection with criminal proceedings in Naples, where he is accused of having "bought" a se ; ordinator left in 2006? "This is an absurd hypothesis, and in the current situation, completely unreal," said Franco Coppi, one of the lawyers media mogul. "At his age, it is not going to jail except in exceptional cases," said Piercamillo Davigo, a former member of the famous pool Clean Hands corruption that had launched the first procedures to against Berlusconi. Berlusconi is still and will remain very powerful "Berlusconi is still and will remain very powerful, even if its power is declining. It still has enormous resources, still has its media [three television channels, newspapers] got 10 million votes there six months, "said AFP political scientist James Waltson, professor at the American University of Rome. Silvio Berlusconi has also hammered himself: he will remain whatever happens at the head of his party refounded, Forza Italia. According to surveys carried out on behalf of a coalition of right would collect 24% of the vote in the event of early elections, "two points higher than the center-left." Several thousand supporters of "Cavaliere", each with its green-white-red flag Forza Italia, gathered in the early afternoon to express their solidarity vis-à-vis their leader. With news (AFP and Reuters)

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