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LEBANON: Beirut: the two alleged suicide bombers to attack the Iranian embassy identified

November 24th, 2013 · No Comments · 256 views


The first is Lebanese, Palestinian second. The two suspected bombers deadly twin attack Tuesday at the Iranian Embassy in Beirut were identified. According to the Lebanese army and a judge in charge of the records, the 21 year old Lebanese Mouïn Abu al-Dahr, is from Sidon, the largest city in southern Sunni majority Lebanon. Several of his relatives say he is a supporter of al-Asir Ahmad, a fierce and radical Sunni sheikh fierce opponent to the Syrian regime and its allies, such as Iran and Shiite Hezbollah.

According to a member of the family of Abu al-Dahr Mouïn, contacted by AFP, the young man had, a few days before the attack, called his father using a digital , Syrian ro, "asking forgiveness for something he would do."

These are DNA tests, conducted precisely on father Mouïn Abu al-Dahr, which helped to identify. "The Government Commissioner to the Military Court, Judge Sakr Sakr, confirmed that the DNA test conducted on Adnan Abu Dahr matched that found at the scene of the attack human remains belonging to (his son) Mouïn Abu Dahr, "says the National Information [ANI] Agency.

Mouïn Abou, "a polite man"

The alleged Facebook Mouïn Abu Dahr page - since disabled - a photo of the young man with the thick black beard shows rather smiling. He expressed his admiration for Al-Qaeda and Sheikh Ahmad al-Asir. The latter is on the run from deadly clashes this summer between his supporters and the Lebanese army. On Facebook, Mouïn Abu Dahr promised to "avenge" the sheikh, highly publicized but not enjoyed broad support within the Sunni community.

In Sidon, two army tanks were stationed at the entrance of the neighborhood where the young man lived, and the shock was visible to the neighbors, his family refusing to speak to the press. "It was a polite man who encouraged me all the time to pray. I did not expect it to commit such an act, "said AFP Ahmad al-Yaman, who lives opposite the building where Mouïn resided.

A young posing as one of his close friends said his side AFP that the bomber had changed much after a trip to Sweden, where he was taken under the wing of an imam. "Since his return to Sweden, he spoke of martyrdom and felt that his family was not religious enough," said the friend. "He told me once that he would commit an act and that everyone was talking about him," he remembers.

Few details on the Palestinian

Details on the identity of the second suspected suicide bomber has not yet been revealed. An official security services, however told AFP that it was a Palestinian who lived, too, in the south of Lebanon and was also sympathetic Sheikh Asir.

The double attack on Tuesday that killed 25 people and wounded dozens, was the first attack against Iranian interests since the beginning of the Syrian conflict in March 2011, in which Te , Héran supports the regime of Bashar al-Assad. The implication of this country in the predominantly Shiite war causes the ire of Sunnis in Syria and Lebanon, most supporters of the rebels.

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