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VIDEO GAME: PlayStation, Xbox, four things to know before buying a "next-gen" console

November 21st, 2013 · No Comments · 327 views


The landing of the new generation consoles video game, Sony PlayStation 4 and Xbox One of Microsoft, was preceded by heavy artillery fire of marketing to convince players checkout. A challenge for manufacturers because of the already remarkable quality of the current consoles, and the price of new entrants: 499 euros for Xbox One, available from November 22, and 399 euros for the PlayStation 4 to be released in France on November 29. While the advertising deluge highlights the power and online capabilities of these new consoles, FRANCE 24 is considered the most controversial points of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One .. ……

Download before playing

The latest video game consoles are affected by this modern scourge of putting on the market of devices that the operating system is already outdated. Result: the player who just acquired its PlayStation 4 or Xbox One brand new will wait the time to download and install a patch improving the stability of the system or die , blocking certain features. The first buyers of the PlayStation 4 in the United States have had to download an update of 300 MB, while the first French journalists have received the Xbox One are e , a state update 1.3 GB monster before they can even start a game Despite promises from Microsoft that end buyers will not be affected by this update, better pre see a board game to the former under the tree, waiting for the "next-gen" consoles update.

Online gambling is paying

It had to happen eventually. While the internet was free to multiplayer networks on the PlayStation 3, it will cost 6.99 euros per month for the privilege on the new Sony console. The Japanese automaker is well aligned with the practices of Microsoft, which charges access to game servers online for years. President of Sony Worldwide Studios has stated that keep the game free online have led to a decline in service quality. While multiplayer networks are hungry servers, user PlayStation 4 that only part of online gaming from time to time may feel aggrieved by the transition to "next-gen".

No backward

Users who crack for a "next-gen" console at Christmas can not turn their PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 successors of these two ultra-popular machines. A critical brushed aside by hand builders, who argue that buyers want new consoles to play new games. Given the lack of great original titles at launch, manufacturers still offer to purchasers of PlayStation 4 or Xbox One download old masterpieces via their online store. The checkout for these games will dematerialized however nothing virtual, and the potion may be bitter for consumers cut their toy library CD dearly acquired.

Big Brother is watching you

One includes an Xbox Kinect motion sensor supposed to revolutionize the console interface and easy navigation between the various multimedia features offered by Microsoft. This sensor automatically lights - which in practice allows the Xbox One to track the movements and voice commands spoken in the room - has been heavily criticized by advocates privacy fear a real "spy" on the part of Microsoft. This outcry généraliséea forced Microsoft to integrate a control that allows the user to disable the eyes and ears of its Xbox One.

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