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VIDEO GAMES: Criminal Case: Facebook Love Made in France

December 11th, 2013 · Comments Off · 315 views


Arnaud Montebourg, the Minister of Productive Recovery champion and made in France, to be content: Facebook awarded, Monday, 9 December, the price of the best game in Criminal Case, produced by Pretty Simple, a Parisian studio of 50 people. He is ahead of industry heavyweights like "Candy Crush".

It is "the French start-up that the fastest growth in the history of France Web" ignites Codorniou Julien, director of Facebook Europe, in a statement. An affirmation that makes you smile Corentin Raux, co-founder of the French video game available in nine languages: "It is certain that when you go from zero to tens of millions of euros of operating profits, it displays impressive growth, now he'll have to see how things will evolve. "

The prize awarded by Facebook should have a little more boost the popularity of Criminal Case that displays, however, already impressive performance. Hundred million Facebook users have tested the last twelve months, their skills sleuths virtual. Daily, nearly 6 million players - mainly outside France - looking to find the murderer of the week.

This popularity, Pretty Simple mainly due to the originality of the Criminal Case. "The police investigation is a subject that had not yet been addressed in the games on Facebook as it is a theme that speaks to many people, so we touch a wide audience, "said Corentin Raux.

100 hires 2015

Like most Facebook games, Criminal Case has the appearance of free game, but is not quite. Users can buy bonuses - such as faster autopsies - to simplify the investigation. This model of micro-transactions has made the fortune of industry leaders such as Zynga (FarmVille, Mafia Story etc.). Pretty Simple is so profitable since 2011, one year after its creation.

A great performance for a French start-up. At a time when the hex entrepreneurs of all kinds - grouped in collectives such as the Pigeons (or Geonpi) chicks or shorn - denounce the tax burden and more generally a model French economic trolling, Corentin Raux sees him, no particular problem to succeed in France. "If we really want to take, you can perfectly manage to do it in France," he says.

Better. For him, the French model even has serious advantages over its Anglo-Saxon competitors. "With Bastien Cazenave [the other co-founder of Pretty Simple, note] we were able to put us out of work for several months to mount our society, it would have been difficult in countries such as United States, "says the entrepreneur who is the counterparty hexagonal tape.

Jackpot their first game allow Pretty Simple to hire new employees percent by 2015 in order to develop two new titles and make versions for smartphones and tablets Criminal Case.

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FOOTBALL: Olympique de Marseille: Baup sacked Anigo been acting

December 8th, 2013 · Comments Off · 318 views


The decision was announced to the players Saturday, Dec. 7 in the morning: Olympique de Marseille separates from his coach Elie Baup, after the die made against Nantes (0-1), at the Stade Vélodrome. Several specialized media, José Anigo, current athletic director, will act as interim until the winter break.

Elie Baup, who did not attend the Saturday morning scrub, the brunt of the bad start to the season the club. To date, with 8 wins in 17 matches in Ligue 1, OM advanced to 5th place in the championship, but already far from the podium, the President stated objective Vincent Labrune. His career in the Champions League has proved disastrous, with five defeats in as many matches and pitiful elimination from the group stage. Elie Baup arrived at OM club in July 2012 to replace Didier Deschamps.

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ELECTIONS: Mauritania: the ruling party ahead of parliamentary and municipal

December 4th, 2013 · Comments Off · 305 views


The Union for the Republic (UPR), the party of President Mohamed Ould Abdelaziz, easily won the first round of municipal elections and Mauritania on 23 November, followed distantly by Tewassoul Islamist party , announced Tuesday, 3 December, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

Regarding the laws, of the 121 seats allotted in the first round of the 147-member National Assembly, the UPR has won 56 or 46%. Tewassoul has obtained 12 or 10%, according to figures from INEC.

November 23, some 1.2 million Mauritanians had traveled in the polls on the 60% turnout in these elections, the first held since 2006 in countries.

"Elections undemocratic"

Many times postponed, legislative and municipal elections were boycotted by part of the opposition denounced the "unilateral and undemocratic elections." One party of 11 training members of the Coordination of the Democratic Opposition (COD) to have participated in the elections, denounced Tewassoul few days after the vote, irregularities may discredit the results.

For the observation mission of the African Union (AU), the consultations were held on November 23 in satisfactory condition despite "deficiencies" which, she says, are not "likely significantly influence the results. " The second round of elections to be held on December 7.

With AFP

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UKRAINE: Tens of thousands of pro-European protesters in the streets of Kiev

December 1st, 2013 · Comments Off · 305 views


Despite the violent dispersal Saturday morning by riot forces demonstrators who occupied the Independence Square, the Ukrainian opposition does not want to let go. This Sunday, tens of thousands of demonstrators gathered near a park downtown to demand the resignation of President Viktor Yanukovych. To 13h (local time), they were heading in the column to Independence Square despite the ban by the authorities.

In the night from Saturday to Sunday, the authorities launched a ban on gathering in symbolic places. "Mass gatherings are banned until January 7, 2014," on Independence Square, the traditional venue for events in Kiev, and in the streets where the local administration pre , presidential, parliament and the seat of government, told AFP lawyer Evgenia Zakrevskaïa, citing a decision of the Ukrainian justice.

The opposition, which accuses the president of turning his back on the EU and hardened the regime was able to mobilize tens of thousands of people in Kiev there one week the early manifestations. The rally Sunday is a test capabilities to mobilize opposition.

"We must go into the street (…) peacefully"

Sunday, the leader of the party and Oudar boxing world champion Vitali Klitschko retained his call to rally. "Only together can we change the situation in the country. That is why you must go to the street and give its opinion peacefully, "he has said, according to a statement from Oudar party.

Ukrainian President has meanwhile promised to continue the rapprochement with the European Union. "I'll do my best to expedite the process of rapprochement between Ukraine and the European Union, while avoiding significant losses to our economy and the deterioration the level of life, "he said in a statement. Viktor Yanukovych also Saturday condemned the use of force against protesters and ordered an investigation. "I am deeply shocked by the events that took place during the night on Independence Square" in Kiev, he said in a statement.

"Resignation of the government and the president"

But opposition leaders, who gathered Saturday to decide their strategy after a week of demonstrations, denounced a hardening of the regime.

Arseniy Yatsenyuk, a leading Batkivschina Party (Fatherland) the opponent Yulia Tymoshenko announced that the opposition called "the resignation of the government and the president, presidential elections and early elections. "

The United States and the European Union have condemned the use of violence against protesters. 

With news (AFP)

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The Italian Senate hunting Silvio Berlusconi its ranks

November 27th, 2013 · Comments Off · 273 views


Not surprisingly, the Italian Senate voted Wednesday, November 27, the removal of the former Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi. This vote, whose outcome was little doubt as to the left and the Movement five stars of the former comedian Beppe Grillo had announced that they unite their voices, follows the conviction finitive in August of "Cavaliere" for tax evasion.

This foreclosure is the result of a law passed in 2012 providing for disqualification for six years all elected sentenced to more than two years (the " Cavaliere "was sentenced to four years, three canceled by an amnesty). Voting ends twenty years of political activity This is a bitter day, a day of mourning, "said Silvio Berlusconi, hand on heart, leaving greet Thousands of supporters gathered to support him at his Roman residence in Rome, shortly before the vote. "Today, looking into your eyes, I see that emotion is not only mine but yours," he has dajouté, thanking them. The sentence was pronounced in the absence of "Cavaliere" which had initially announced that he would be present in the Chamber and that it would set a "historic speech". But his lawyers have discouraged to go there to avoid adding insult to an even more humiliating expulsion forcibly picture. Indeed, in his presence, the President of the Senate would have imposed the following sentence: "I pray clerks accompany Senator Berlusconi out of the Chamber. No immediate impact on the current government, leaving the Senate Berlusconi, 77, puts an end to twenty years of political activity. What about the future of judicial Cavaliere? Stripped of his parliamentary immunity, he could be arrested in connection with criminal proceedings in Naples, where he is accused of having "bought" a se ; ordinator left in 2006? "This is an absurd hypothesis, and in the current situation, completely unreal," said Franco Coppi, one of the lawyers media mogul. "At his age, it is not going to jail except in exceptional cases," said Piercamillo Davigo, a former member of the famous pool Clean Hands corruption that had launched the first procedures to against Berlusconi. Berlusconi is still and will remain very powerful "Berlusconi is still and will remain very powerful, even if its power is declining. It still has enormous resources, still has its media [three television channels, newspapers] got 10 million votes there six months, "said AFP political scientist James Waltson, professor at the American University of Rome. Silvio Berlusconi has also hammered himself: he will remain whatever happens at the head of his party refounded, Forza Italia. According to surveys carried out on behalf of a coalition of right would collect 24% of the vote in the event of early elections, "two points higher than the center-left." Several thousand supporters of "Cavaliere", each with its green-white-red flag Forza Italia, gathered in the early afternoon to express their solidarity vis-à-vis their leader. With news (AFP and Reuters)

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LEBANON: Beirut: the two alleged suicide bombers to attack the Iranian embassy identified

November 24th, 2013 · Comments Off · 284 views


The first is Lebanese, Palestinian second. The two suspected bombers deadly twin attack Tuesday at the Iranian Embassy in Beirut were identified. According to the Lebanese army and a judge in charge of the records, the 21 year old Lebanese Mouïn Abu al-Dahr, is from Sidon, the largest city in southern Sunni majority Lebanon. Several of his relatives say he is a supporter of al-Asir Ahmad, a fierce and radical Sunni sheikh fierce opponent to the Syrian regime and its allies, such as Iran and Shiite Hezbollah.

According to a member of the family of Abu al-Dahr Mouïn, contacted by AFP, the young man had, a few days before the attack, called his father using a digital , Syrian ro, "asking forgiveness for something he would do."

These are DNA tests, conducted precisely on father Mouïn Abu al-Dahr, which helped to identify. "The Government Commissioner to the Military Court, Judge Sakr Sakr, confirmed that the DNA test conducted on Adnan Abu Dahr matched that found at the scene of the attack human remains belonging to (his son) Mouïn Abu Dahr, "says the National Information [ANI] Agency.

Mouïn Abou, "a polite man"

The alleged Facebook Mouïn Abu Dahr page - since disabled - a photo of the young man with the thick black beard shows rather smiling. He expressed his admiration for Al-Qaeda and Sheikh Ahmad al-Asir. The latter is on the run from deadly clashes this summer between his supporters and the Lebanese army. On Facebook, Mouïn Abu Dahr promised to "avenge" the sheikh, highly publicized but not enjoyed broad support within the Sunni community.

In Sidon, two army tanks were stationed at the entrance of the neighborhood where the young man lived, and the shock was visible to the neighbors, his family refusing to speak to the press. "It was a polite man who encouraged me all the time to pray. I did not expect it to commit such an act, "said AFP Ahmad al-Yaman, who lives opposite the building where Mouïn resided.

A young posing as one of his close friends said his side AFP that the bomber had changed much after a trip to Sweden, where he was taken under the wing of an imam. "Since his return to Sweden, he spoke of martyrdom and felt that his family was not religious enough," said the friend. "He told me once that he would commit an act and that everyone was talking about him," he remembers.

Few details on the Palestinian

Details on the identity of the second suspected suicide bomber has not yet been revealed. An official security services, however told AFP that it was a Palestinian who lived, too, in the south of Lebanon and was also sympathetic Sheikh Asir.

The double attack on Tuesday that killed 25 people and wounded dozens, was the first attack against Iranian interests since the beginning of the Syrian conflict in March 2011, in which Te , Héran supports the regime of Bashar al-Assad. The implication of this country in the predominantly Shiite war causes the ire of Sunnis in Syria and Lebanon, most supporters of the rebels.

With AFP news

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VIDEO GAME: PlayStation, Xbox, four things to know before buying a "next-gen" console

November 21st, 2013 · Comments Off · 355 views


The landing of the new generation consoles video game, Sony PlayStation 4 and Xbox One of Microsoft, was preceded by heavy artillery fire of marketing to convince players checkout. A challenge for manufacturers because of the already remarkable quality of the current consoles, and the price of new entrants: 499 euros for Xbox One, available from November 22, and 399 euros for the PlayStation 4 to be released in France on November 29. While the advertising deluge highlights the power and online capabilities of these new consoles, FRANCE 24 is considered the most controversial points of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One .. ……

Download before playing

The latest video game consoles are affected by this modern scourge of putting on the market of devices that the operating system is already outdated. Result: the player who just acquired its PlayStation 4 or Xbox One brand new will wait the time to download and install a patch improving the stability of the system or die , blocking certain features. The first buyers of the PlayStation 4 in the United States have had to download an update of 300 MB, while the first French journalists have received the Xbox One are e , a state update 1.3 GB monster before they can even start a game Despite promises from Microsoft that end buyers will not be affected by this update, better pre see a board game to the former under the tree, waiting for the "next-gen" consoles update.

Online gambling is paying

It had to happen eventually. While the internet was free to multiplayer networks on the PlayStation 3, it will cost 6.99 euros per month for the privilege on the new Sony console. The Japanese automaker is well aligned with the practices of Microsoft, which charges access to game servers online for years. President of Sony Worldwide Studios has stated that keep the game free online have led to a decline in service quality. While multiplayer networks are hungry servers, user PlayStation 4 that only part of online gaming from time to time may feel aggrieved by the transition to "next-gen".

No backward

Users who crack for a "next-gen" console at Christmas can not turn their PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 successors of these two ultra-popular machines. A critical brushed aside by hand builders, who argue that buyers want new consoles to play new games. Given the lack of great original titles at launch, manufacturers still offer to purchasers of PlayStation 4 or Xbox One download old masterpieces via their online store. The checkout for these games will dematerialized however nothing virtual, and the potion may be bitter for consumers cut their toy library CD dearly acquired.

Big Brother is watching you

One includes an Xbox Kinect motion sensor supposed to revolutionize the console interface and easy navigation between the various multimedia features offered by Microsoft. This sensor automatically lights - which in practice allows the Xbox One to track the movements and voice commands spoken in the room - has been heavily criticized by advocates privacy fear a real "spy" on the part of Microsoft. This outcry généraliséea forced Microsoft to integrate a control that allows the user to disable the eyes and ears of its Xbox One.

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FOOTBALL - FRANCE TEAM: Dams World-2014: Ukraine - France, up to the game!

November 17th, 2013 · Comments Off · 152 views


The France football team faces, Friday, Nov. 15, at the Olympic Stadium in Kiev Ukraine in a qualifying leg off for World Cup 2014. Nothing will be sealed after the first inning, but the Blues would be well advised to get a good result in the Ukrainian capital, to avoid cold sweats Tuesday, November 19 Stade de France, in the second leg.

"It will take a lot of commitment. There is no room for doubt, uncertainty or question, "said the French coach Didier Deschamps told reporters. "We'll play there [in Ukraine, Ed], with the intention of making the best possible result. We will not go there to defend well, with a restrictive spirit, "said he added, ensuring that his team should have the ambition" to create chances and score. " ,

All ingredients that had failed in the France team There are four years against Ireland during the 2010 World Cup dams. Beaten 1-0 in the first leg in Dublin, Ireland had led to the Stade de France, in front of the Blues, as stunned and saved by the goal after William Gallas the famous hand of Thierry Henry. The last memory of dams therefore urges caution.

The unbeaten France against Ukraine

Otherwise also be feared that Portugal, another play-offs that France could face, Ukraine, unbeaten in 11 games, but never managed to dominate France seven face-to-face, is a strong opponent. Ukrainians have finished second in their group behind England, cashing only four goals in ten matches, without a slump when his coach has changed, it may already have got his ticket to Brazil.

Composed almost entirely of local players, Ukraine will the Blues will have a rough opposition and, at the forefront on two clearly identified hazards, and Andrei Larmolenko Yehven Konoplyanka. If the Blues are able to neutralize these two players, a big step towards Brazil will be done. He will force the defense to lock, and for this, France relies primarily on Franck Ribery, in search of his first Ballon d'Or.

"This is a very important player," he told Didier Deschamps. "One of the best players in the world, if not the best this year," added Blaise Matuidi, who said that the two play-off were the most important of the Sixties e, because "at the end, there is Brazil."

But beyond the prospect of playing World Cup football in the country-king, the French football mauled by multiple business in recent years [Knysna, Zahia, quotas, trip Prospects, Nasri Evra …] has a deplorable to restore to the public picture. Didier Deschamps has understood: Only victories can reverse this trend. And two years of Euro-2016, held in France, the absence of the next final phase, which would be a first for the Blues since the World-94, definitely plunge the Federation French football in a deep crisis.

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ART MARKET: A triptych by Francis Bacon sold for $ 142.4 million

November 14th, 2013 · Comments Off · 347 views


"Three Studies of Lucian Freud" is now the most expensive in the world work. The triptych by Francis Bacon, made in 1969, was awarded Tuesday to a record $ 142.4 million (€ 105.9 million) at Christie's in New York.

The painting was "awarded after six minutes of intense bidding in the room and on the phone," said Christie's. Greeted by applause in the room, this sale will overwrite the previous record of $ 119.9 million awarded to the famous painting "The Scream" by Norwegian artist , gien Edvard Munch auction in May 2012 in New York by the rival company, Sotheby's. Christie's said the buyer was a New York gallery, Acquavella, who may have served only as an intermediary. "An icon of the twentieth century art" Before the sale, Christie's had described the work as "an icon of twentieth-century art" , pointing out that the auction was a "one in a lifetime opportunity" to acquire. The work is Lucian Freud, Francis Bacon's friend and painter himself, sitting on a chair, seen from the front and side. There is another Full of Bacon triptych representing the grand-son of the founder of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud, according to the auction house. The triptych, three panels were separated for fifteen years, was painted about 25 years after the encounter between Francis Bacon and Lucian Freud, and had never e , tee on the market. The soaring prices of the art market just after the auction of the work of Bacon, Christie's has landed another record with the sale of orange giant dog sculpture "Balloon Dog" by Jeff Koons, sold for $ 58.4 million, a record a still life artist. Bacon and Koons were the most popular of a series of 69 works of the twentieth century to be auctioned lots on an art market Contemporary familiar soaring prices. Among the other records broken Tuesday, a "Coca-Cola (3)" Andy Warhol was awarded $ 57.3 million and an array of Mark Rothko "No. 11 (Untitled)" , has sold 46.1 million. Brett Gorvy, head of contemporary art at Christie's, recently explained that these sales were a small revolution with the arrival of new collectors looking for the best. Billionaires from Asia, China, Gulf, Latin America or Russia have galvanized the New York market, dominated for years by the Americans.

With news

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OLYMPIC GAMES: Olympic Sochi Olympic torch made a historic spacewalk

November 10th, 2013 · Comments Off · 324 views


Two Russian cosmonauts came out Saturday for the International Space Station (ISS) in espacec with the Olympic torch for the first time in history, as part of a massive journey through Russia before the Olympic Games in Sochi in February.

Capturing the silver and red torch with his spacesuit glove, Oleg Kotov has left the ISS through an airlock, some 320 km above the Earth, where he triumphantly waved the object, off.

He was then sent to Sergei Ryazansky and two men asked to turn with the object symbol. 

The event was filmed mainly due to installed on the helmets of astronauts cameras and broadcast live on Russian television and chain Internet TV American NASA.

The Olympic torch has been taken into space aboard a shuttle before the Atlanta Olympics in 1996 and the Sydney Olympics in 2000, but she had never performed output in the thermosphere.

Many precautions

On Thursday, the torch off for security reasons, was loaded on a Soyuz rocket from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, with three astronauts, Russian Mikhailovich , the Tyurin, American Rick Mastracchio and Japanese Koichi Wakata. 

These operations need many precautions, the torch must always be attached to a hook itself connected to a metal cable structure of the ISS.

Cosmonauts let loose at times the torch to perform maneuvers, several changes of position to make a maximum of images to capture the event.

The red and gray torch out in space is one of the 16,000 torches used by runners month in Russia for the longest in Olympic history courses (65 000 km) of the flame up opening on 7 February 2014, the Sochi Olympics, between the Black Sea and the Caucasus Mountains.

The only difference, the torch is extinguished for the duration of space travel for security reasons. Light the flame in space would be impossible anyway because of the lack of oxygen.

Back in the steppes Monday

Sign of the historic nature of the Olympic stage space, take off the Soyuz rocket hit the symbol of the Olympic Games in Sochi and the five Olympic rings with the torch on board was Thursday broadcast live onto a giant screen in the heart of New York's Times Square, one of the most famous and busiest places in the world. It was also broadcast live on Russian television.

After this unprecedented step, the torch will return to Earth in a Soyuz capsule, accompanied by astronauts Fyodor Iourtchikhine (Russian), Karen Nyberg (American) and Parmitano Luca (Italian), to the outcome of a mission of five and a half months in space. Their landing is scheduled on November 11 at 2:50 GMT in the steppes of Kazakhstan.

Besides space, the Olympic torch will also step into the depths of Lake Baikal (Siberia) and the summit of Mount Elbrus (Caucasus, 5633 m) after having already traveled the North Pole, during a journey of 123 days began on 7 October in Moscow, and will end at the opening ceremony of the games, 7 fe , February 2014.

With news

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